The year 1929 will remain in memories.

In the quiet little town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Northern part of Switzerland and home of the Swiss tradition of quality and innovation in watch manufacturing! In spite of the Great Depression which followed the stock market crash of 1929, a small group of bold watch lovers and technicians stubbornly ignored the financial turmoil and proudly founded the JOVIAL watch company. The name was inspired by the feelings of joy and pleasure. His appellation was true; the JOVIAL watches bring joy and self-assurance to those who own them.

That was the time when every part of the watch had to be produced in house, from the movement, case, dial, hands to the bracelet. Only very skilled and enthusiastic watchmakers could achieve such a performance.



As such -for that time- «modern» production units increasingly developed in Bienne, JOVIAL factory recognized the need to be closer to them and moved to “The world capital of Watch manufacturing city” Bienne, Switzerland in 1946, just after the end of Second World War.

From that time, the skill and success of the company resided in choosing the right component at the right price and depended largely upon the general design of the watch, which had to reflect the right mix of traditional and progressive ideas.




JOVIAL has completed 90 years in the art of Swiss watch making.

In 1988 JOVIAL witnessed a milestone in its history when our CEO Mr. M. Dabaan with a creative strategy and dynamic approach turned JOVIAL to be the reflection of accuracy & elegance remaining true to its solid tradition and values as one of the Swiss craftsmanship, in the world of watches.

At JOVIAL watches we believe in creating relationships and building trust, this is the reason why jovial is a brand that signifies concrete long lasting relationship with clients and customers in over than 85 years. This long journey could not have been possible without out focusing on the needs, requirements and suggestions of our valued customers. We are proud of our customers who have always supported us and appreciated our efforts. Without them this long lasting relationship would not be achievable.



JOVIAL has given itself a complete face-lift for its 90th birthday! With new designs, new materials and new ambitions, the brand radiates with an astonishing vitality that underscores the suitability of its name, a synonym of joy and happiness.

While its international distribution networks are constantly expanding, JOVIAL has clear ambitions for this anniversary year: to firmly establish itself in expand its distribution in Eastern Europe, India, Asia and North America. What audacity in today’s tough climate!

In fact, JOVIAL has always been attentively listening to requests and comments of the markets and the clients in order to fulfill their needs and expectations. At the same time, JOVIAL is constantly designing new models in conjunction with tomorrow's fashion trends.