JOVIAL 12005 – A New Benchmark of Luxury

Jovial 12005

A unique addition to the high-end Jovial diamond watch collection, Jovial 12005 is a sophisticated piece combining elegance with quality. The legendary Swiss watch-making artistry is well portrayed in this model with its sleek black and copper-color shade. The stylish octagonal bezel of this luxury watch is designed precisely using 112 shining diamonds. In the 46 mm wide case of the carbon fiber dial, all the hour, minute, and seconds counters are well placed in harmony. Apart from the standard luxury watch style features, it consists of further intricate and advanced functional qualities.

Swiss Movement

The complete assembling of the watch caliber has been done in a Swiss-based factory. Jovial ensures absolute accuracy and precision in the watch performance using genuine Swiss components in its internal mechanism. The impeccable Swiss craftsmanship is very well highlighted by the leveled style of the watch face that gives an amazing sensation of depth. This unique Swiss quartz movement sets a perfect state of perfection and infallible watch-making technology using premium quality segments.

Durable Stainless-Steel Structure

The high-end case of Jovial 12005 comprises premium quality stainless steel that makes it highly resistant to sweat and water. The symmetrically screwed eight stainless steel claws around the bezel add an extra confirmation to this watch-making perfection. Through perfect coating across this stainless-steel case and crown of this timepiece, the sleek polishing and pink-gold plating will be constant for a long.

Sapphire Crystal Case

This luxury watch model's crystal features top-notch real sapphire that makes the case highly resistant to scratches. Although a thick sapphire crystal has used fixed on the case using screwed claws, the counters' visibility is not at all hampered and offers impeccable clarity through it. Using premium quality synthetic sapphire, this luxury timepiece portrays a perfect combination of quality and class.

Quality Straps

This stunning luxury diamond timepiece comes on a high-quality rubber strap that flaunts two metal dots engraved with Jovial's 'J' logos. It can also be availed in classy leather straps to add to this luxury watch's elegance. A solid matte black shade of the straps perfectly contrasts with the high-end a heavy stainless-steel case of the watch. The high-end diamond-fitted double crown of this luxury timepiece is supplemented with quality rubber straps with a foldable butterfly clasp at the end.

The best part of all Jovial 12005 and all other watch collection is the highly unmatchable prices for such high-end watches. Jovial 12005 is a perfect combination of luxurious jewels, premium quality metal, and top-notch Swiss watchmaking technology. Through rigorous testing, the quality of this luxury timepiece is precisely tested and approved.