We'll always have a long lasting relationship

Every birth signifies its origin and then growth of something created with love. The city of La Chaux-de-Fond became the birth place for Jovial in 1929. The city, La Chaux-de-Fond which is also adoringly called as the “watch valley”, is renowned in the world for its respect and foundation for watch making skills of its artisan. In the most creative watch making industry of the world, Jovial was created at the hands of Mr. Fernand Droz.

The inception of Jovial Watch Company journey took place in-house. With the care and precision of an artist, Mr. Fernand Droz and his fellow watch lovers created every component of Jovial watches in-house. Success and growth drove the need for expanded operations and the heritage of technical skill, creativity and innovation was set out in the form of production houses where each production house hosted the specialized skill in producing bracelet, dial, hands and case.

We have boutiques in more than 61 locations around the world and 500 points of sale globally. Europe, North Africa, Russia and Middle East are just a few regions where JOVIAL sells like anything.

At Jovial watches we believe in creating relationships and building trust, this is the reason why jovial is a brand that signifies concrete long lasting relationship with clients and customers in over than 85 years. This long journey could not have been possible without out focusing on the needs, requirements and suggestions of our valued customers. We are proud of our customers who have al`ways supported us and appreciated our efforts. Without them this long lasting relationship would not be achievable.