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The collection of mens watches in UAE at JOVIAL Watches are expertly crafted, meticulously assembled, and beautifully designed. Built by experts, with precision in mind, each of our designer mens watches boasts an accurate and reliable clock, stylish dial, and highly durable strap. Our collection is renowned for delivering a truly fresh and unique experience, along with comfort and flair. As one of the most trusted online watch stores, we take pride in presenting a wide range fitted to every taste. Whether you seek a classic, contemporary, or sporty look, our watches come with a variety of styles and strap materials, allowing you to create an original and unrivaled statement.

A watch is no longer used as a time-telling device. For many, it reflects their taste, style, and personality. At JOVIAL Watches, we understand this and therefore offer mens watches that have been made to a supreme quality standard. With extensive years of experience in the UAE and having sold numerous mens watches online, we take pride when we say that our watches are not only aesthetically pleasing but are highly durable and reliable. If you seek to buy gents watches in Dubai, feel free to browse through our selection, and choose a watch that perfectly matches your requirements.

*All JOVIAL watches for men are designed with absolute precision and craftsmanship. Free complimentary shipping and returns on all orders.

Gents Watches – Style Guide

Men often find the process of choosing the right wristwatch, both intimidating and challenging. With so many styles, materials, and types available, the simple act of shopping for a new watch can be a stressful experience. With that in mind, we have prepared a simple guide to help you select the right mens watch that will reflect your personality and suit your style.


When it comes to selecting the right size, one needs to keep in mind the proportion. It is key to selecting the right watch, one that will suit your wrist and complement your style. Medium-sized watches may seem ideal and a safe option if you are unsure.


The movement typically fall under three categories, namely automatic, chronograph, and quartz. The second hand in automatic watches follow sweeping seconds, whereas in quartz they move once per second. In contrast, a chronograph combines a stopwatch with a display watch.

Material and Style

Apart from the size and movement, features such as the material and style also need to be considered. For instance, genuine leather watches help in creating a classic look. Apart from this, you also need to choose a material that reflects your taste. The most common options are gold, silver, rose gold, and two-toned plating.