ON March 12, 2010

Looking for fancy watch that isn’t quite like anything else and won’t let you ever down? Well then Jovial might just have something for you. STARWAKER collection is a sort of amalgamation watch taking into consideration design cues from many different Jovial timepieces. It isn’t round, it isn’t a cushion, it isn’t minimalistic, it isn’t sporty. It is somewhere in between all these things and feels like Jovial’s best stab at recreating the magic which is the durable design of Fernand Droz family. What do they call it? STARWALKER collection –Men- including: Beatrix, Electra, Korado and Tornado.

STARWALKER Beatrix for men considered as a timepiece for a prince with diamonds all over the dial, case and crown. It has 0.8 MM diamond pieces which are giving a shining star glamour to any wrist. The black silicon rubber strap of the Beatrix is a highly modified perfumed rubber that gives all the time a descent smell of vanilla and roses. Through this kind of combination Jovial has proved that developing and covering all aspects of our clients requirements are the skeleton of our work and plans. Beatrix comes in two color editions: Rose Gold color, Silver color. It is a piece that will take your breath away.

The second timepiece in STARWALKER collection –Men- is the symphonic STARWALKER Electra. A perfect symbiosis between an original case with futuristic accents and the classicism of pink gold. For Electra, jovial has composed an imaginative symphony of sparkling colors. The pink gold notes marking the time on the dial are echoed in unison by the bezel ring and case, while the dial, crown and bezel play the black notes. When the strap is the soloist, the tempo is adagio, with chocolaty notes playing a melodious composition. It comes in two color editions: Rose Gold color, Silver Color.

For people who loves fancy, luxurious and high-performing timepieces. And yet so trendy! Jovial brings to them the STARWALKER Korado that is both high-tech and classical, contemporary and universal, equally at home in a formal or informal environment. It also gives you the option of having the special rubber vanilla strap or the rose gold plated stainless steel band. Korado gives the masculine look through the prominent screws over the crown.

The last one in STARWALKER Collection –Men- is the Tornado! If the memory of the past does indeed serve to write the future, the STARWALKER Tornado is certainly a vivid illustration of this maxim. it adopts a resolutely sporty attitude with a Gold Rose and Silver case paired with an injected white luxurious rubber and steel strap. This JOVIAL watch sets itself apart from the rest but is nonetheless treated to outstanding finishing.

However different they are, all Jovial’s watches share common denominators: quality. Original shapes, exclusive aesthetics: each is conceived by a team of designers with their finger firmly on the pulse of new trends. Jovial also displays exceptional masters in terms of manufacturing and finishing. All watches are produced in accordance with the highest standards of precision and reliability, with tremendous attention to detail, and using rigorously selected materials.

STARWALKER Collection is our galaxy stars gifts through JOVIAL to all time lovers leaving mysterious impact for all their owners. It is what JOVIAL has brought from stars, Its STARWALKER!