In the cradle of Swiss watch-making (La Chaux-de-fonds), the home of the Swiss tradition of quality and innovation; A passionate lover of watches and a bold technician, Mr. Fernand Droz, founded Jovial.

Mr. Droz choice of the name JOVIAL, synonymous with joy and happiness, was a way of thumbing his nose at the rampant pessimism of the times. JOVIAL intrepid founders believed strongly in their skills and set off to many European countries to show and sell their watches.

At the age of 45 Mr. Droz was completely aware of the kind of watches he wanted to launch in the market. His main focus was on producing high quality, customer friendly and stylish watches.

oday, Jovial has all that it takes to make a brand worthy and successful. With 400 executives, Jovial Montres keeps the perspective and the demand of its customers as the main focus. The customer support is agile and responsive. This has added the addition of designs which are liked and appreciated by the customers. At Jovial, customers’ feedback is taken seriously and improvements are made in the light of them. The ideology behind Jovial is to create long lasting relationship by providing top class services and products to customers.

Jovial is the name of reliability and trust. It is all about maintaining relationships and strengthening them by providing high quality and stylish watches. The strong work ethics and constant brand development were the two foundation steps which were led by Mr. Fernand Droz and even today the entire business operations are based on them. This is the root cause of the prime success of this Swiss watch company.

production units increasingly developed in Bienne (Watch manufacturing capital of the world), Mr. Droz recognized the need to be closer to them and moved to Bienne in 1946, just after the end of Second World War.

With the passage of time and increased customer satisfaction, demand of Jovial watches increased and this lead to expansion of Jovial’s umbrella in the creation of multiple boutiques and point of sales around the world.