Swiss traditions and international success

ON OCTOBER 02, 2014

The Swiss brand Jovial is toasting 85 years in the art of watchmaking by unveiling an entirely new collection every now and then, along with a new positioning. Jovial is thus pursuing its modernization process, while remaining faithful to its values, its traditions, its pioneering spirit and its respect for Swiss quality. The new ranges testify to the brand’s remarkable vitality; they reflect all the qualities on which Jovial has built its reputation and embody its quest for aesthetic and technical innovation.

Jovial was founded in 1929 in la Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking by watchmaker Fernand Droz, who was thus fulfilling one of his greatest dreams. The company enjoyed swift success. In 1946 and after the World War II it was renamed “Jovial Montres SA”, and its development also led to production being transferred to Bienne. One of the great strengths of Jovial – and a significant driving force behind its growth – is its ability to anticipate trends and to adapt very quickly to market demands. The company currently has boutiques in more than 61 locations around the world and 500 points of sale globally. Europe, North Africa, Russia and Middle East are just a few regions where JOVIAL sells like anything. It constitutes highly qualified artisans that ensure optimal management of production and sales.

Building on its success and its excellent knowledge of the sector, Jovial has decided to develop new markets and to reposition its image within a new distribution network. To achieve this, the brand has redefined its strategy and is presenting all-new collections at all World Wide Watches and Jewelry Shows and exhibitions to presents it is own original approach combining technical reliability and modern design.

Jovial collections surprise one at first glance by their extremely broad diversity. Classical, sports or designer look models; self-winding or quartz movements; round, square or rectangular cases, leather straps or metal bracelets: Jovial has all the right assets on the wrist to appeal to the most demanding clientele, around the world, by fulfilling the entire spectrum of desires for elegance and for technical perfection.

This variety of styles fully reflect the determination of Jovial: widening horizons and crossing borders to address a broad public without any distinction between social categories or generations.

However different they are, all Jovial’s watches share common denominators: quality. Original shapes, exclusive aesthetics: each is conceived by a team of designers with their finger firmly on the pulse of new trends. Jovial also displays exceptional masters in terms of manufacturing and finishing. All watches are produced in accordance with the highest standards of precision and reliability, with tremendous attention to detail, and using rigorously selected materials.

Jovial creations are intended for men and women wishing to treat themselves to a Swiss watch corresponding to their tastes and their needs, while keeping within an accessible price range.