ON May 05, 2015

Since Jovial was founded in 1929, Fernand Droz has been safeguarding all the artistic skills needed to make the precious inner life of its timepieces visible from the outside, transforming them into the most beautiful and rarest treasures. One stunning example: the remarkable STARWALKER FLORA Ref. 12035 LRRC 13D, a ladies’ watch that illustrated that Jovial’s ateliers need not shun the comparison with the world’s most eminent jewelry houses.

Excellence permeates the creativity of the designs, the quality and orchestration of the precious stones, the fixation of the gems in traditional bead and closed settings and the extremely complex and risky invisible setting technique.


This jewelry piece has a royal air about it, with its night-black dial lit up by a cascade of stars and 250 single-cut, VS-grade diamonds adorning the dial, case and crown. All gems are flawless and immaculately cut and the fire of the flat sapphire crystal glass is intensely shiny and solid to protect its own luxurious dial. The diamonds in the case are arranged in circular fan-shaped pattern, which made it necessary to cut every single one to a shape corresponding to its exact location. The positions of the countless clips and of the delicate grooves in the diamonds must correspond to fractions of a millimeter to assure that in the end, the set stones are perfectly adjacent to one another.


Durable black silicon rubber strap with 2 steel Décor buttons and a pusher deployment buckle style model which is yet luxurious and very comfortable. It conforms well to the user’s wrist. Infused with a light “vanilla scent” to block the perspiration odor. It takes ladies minds to another different world that is fantasized between the cascade of stars and the rose gold plated case.

Jovial’s artisans were able to pass on their expertise to younger talents, preserving their valuable know-how for current and future generations. These rare handcrafts represent a cultural heritage without which Swiss watchmaking artistry would not have attained its globally unique status.